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Your new Serene Ritual Incense Set contains:

- 1 x handmade ceramic incense holder
- 1 x carved acacia dish 
- 1 x packet of incense
wrapped in tissue and beautifully boxed, ready for gifting to others or yourself

Remember when you were small and full of wonder at all the beautiful nature surrounding you. In your pocket, this little secret finding. Smooth and tactile yet nuanced with undulating peaks. You'd hold it in between your palms marvelling over this new found treasure that Mother Nature had seemingly laid out just for you to find. Your little pet rock. Lovingly placed on its acacia bed.

Serene Ritual Incense Set - Ceramic Pebble, colour: Slate

  • One of a Kind

    Acacia wood boasts a plethora of tones and colours, from blond honey to walnut, to deep, dark tones. A varied grain is also unique to this patterned and beautiful wood. As a natural product, no two pieces are alike.

    Our pebbles are handmade from clay in-house and intentionally formed in various dimensions and proportions to mimic the beauty and randomness of nature. In these pieces, impressions of the artist's hands are present and wildly unique.

    We kindly ask that you embrace all of the perfect imperfections created by Mother Nature and our Artists' human hands. After all, you now have something completely unique and one of a kind. Just like you.

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