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  • How do I safely use incense?
    Incense should be used to scent your home and to relax and calm the inhabitants of your home. You should never leave burning sticks unattended or near flammable materials. You should always burn incense in a well-ventilated space, not in claustrophobic spaces that are devoid of airflow. You must firstly light the stick at one end and quickly put out the flame to reveal the glowing ember at the tip of the incense. This will then slowly burn creating a scented trail of light smoke. This is normal and in fact, the desired result. The ember will travel down the length of the stick slowly while permeating delightful scents through your home. The approximate burn time is 15-20 minutes. Always stick around (pun intended) while your incense is burning and keep an eye on it.
  • Is incense bad for you, children or pets?
    We proudly source the highest quality, VOC-free, non-toxic incense, and 100% natural incense. For safety reasons, we recommend keeping the products (lit or unlit) out of reach of children and pets. It is not harmful to people or animals however the dangers of ingesting incense or the small holders is a risk to children and animals.
  • Is Incense toxic?
    Some incense is toxic, containing nasties which when burnt are carcinogenic. At Studio Et Al, we’re proud to bring the tranquillity of incense with a side of worry-free calm, due to the variety of blends made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • What is this incense made from?
    100% natural and made from non-toxic ingredients, our incense is rolled fragrant woods and oils sourced from nature. A list of ingredients for each individual incense scent is available and printed on the individual tubes.
  • Why doesn’t this incense have a bamboo core?
    These sticks don’t have a bamboo core so that the scent is not compromised with an additional smell. These incense sticks also make less ash and keep the scent pure and consistent. The benefit of this type of incense is that you can adjust your burn time / scent intensity by snapping off different lengths prior to lighting your incense. You can control the scent permeation depending on the size of the room or the strength of the incense.
  • Why are some sticks thinner than others?
    The expert craftspeople who make our incense have been doing so for many, many years and have figured out which scents are stronger than others. In order to control the scent intensity and level of permeation, they vary the gauge of incense scent by scent. Some will be quite thick, and others, quite thin. You needn’t worry about this - it’s intentional and in fact the main reason why they smell so perfect. Enjoy the result of masterful work.
  • How do I care for my incense holder?
    With warm soapy water, ritually wash your incense holder, in between uses (pebble and droplet). To care for your acacia timber plate, simply wipe with a lightly dampened cloth as needed, to keep it free of ash between uses. Do not microwave, do not put in the dishwasher and do not hand wash under running water or submerged in water.
  • Should incense smoke?
    Short answer is yes! Incense is made from a variety of barks and powders, all of which naturally smoke when being burnt. Your incense stick will smoke when in use, so don’t be alarmed. Just make sure you use your incense in a well-ventilated area. Perhaps a large space and with a window slightly ajar.
  • What is the history of incense?
    Incense has been used for centuries, often as rituals for various religions and faiths. Many ancient tribes used incense to cleanse people and rid places of evil or unwanted spirits. Often, it was used as a call to prayer during religious services in places of worship. Some people in present day use incense while they meditate or do yoga, in order to feel more connected to nature and the earth. There is something quite majestic about incense. For many, it evokes a feeling of being connected with ancient civilisations and ancestors. For some, it is a more earthy and unadulterated alternative to candle burning. There is a pure and humble pleasure that comes with burning incense, creating a sense of calm through ritual and creating unique and beautiful aromas for the senses to enjoy.
  • Why use incense?
    Incense is a quick release of scent in a small space of time. Burning lasts approximately 15-20 minutes and leaves a lasting aroma after the incense stick has burned out. As an alternative to candles, incense does not have a live flame. While care must still be taken, the fire risks of incense burning are significantly reduced compared to candles which have an open flame.
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