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Single carved acacia dish. Ideal for one of our incense holders to sit atop, to collect fallen ash. These also work wonderfully as candle holders, coasters or a bedside dish for your jewellery.

One of a Kind


Acacia wood boasts a plethora of tones and colours, from blond honey to walnut, to deep, dark tones. A varied grain is also unique to this patterned and beautiful wood. As a natural product, no two pieces are alike.


We kindly ask that you embrace all of the perfect imperfections created by Mother Nature. After all, you now have something completely unique and one of a kind. Just like you.

Carved Acacia Dish

  • To care for your acacia wood dish, wipe down with a lightly dampened cloth as needed. You can maintain its stunning grain with any cleaning products suited to timber furniture or wooden floorboards.

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